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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this the traditional So Cal Fair?

Due to COVID-19 related planning challenges, this year’s event is operating on a smaller scale and in partnership with a private show producer who stepped in to provide financial support.  The So Cal Fair organization is an official Presenting Partner of this year’s event. The event has the full support & involvement of the So Cal Fair Board and team.


What are your fair’s dates?

October 5th – October 15th, 2023 (closed Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday)


Will attendees be required to show proof of vaccination or wear face coverings?

The event will operate within the rules and laws in effect in Riverside County. Proof of vaccination and/or face coverings are not required to attend the event.  We encourage all event attendees and vendor staff to observe safe hygiene and practice social distancing and/or wearing masks/face coverings within their own level of personal comfort.

What is the application deadline for the event?

Please contact:

Arianna Galindo

Do I need to fill out an application?

Yes. Applications may be accessed at:

If I was a vendor at the SoCal Fair in prior years do I need to submit an application?

Yes. Vendors must re-apply each year.


If I submit my application, am I automatically being accepted as a vendor?


All applications will be considered using the selection criteria and held on file until the Fair is fully booked.  Submitting an application does not guarantee approval.


If I have more than one stand or location that I would like to apply for, do I need to complete a separate application and pay another application fee?

No, you can purchase multiple booth spaces on a single application.


Can I apply if I don’t have a fully contained concessions trailer?

Yes. Food Trucks, Catering Trucks and Food Tents are permitted.  All canopies must comply with Cal Fire regulations and be CSFA-rated.  All food vendors must have valid MFF permits from Riverside County.

Does my booth need to be staffed all hours of the fair?

Yes, vendors are required to staff booths all hours of the fair.  4pm – 11pm Thursday & Friday, and Noon – 11pm on Saturday and Sunday.


I have submitted my application, now what do I do?

You will receive an email notification of your approval status followed by an invoice for payment if you are approved. Once payment is received you will be assigned a booth location.

Do I need insurance?

All Vendors must provide County/Fair original insurance certificates which evidence the following coverages from companies licensed to issue such insurance in the State of California:

  1. Worker’s compensation insurance as required by the laws of the State of California.

  2. Commercial general liability insurance, on an occurrence basis, with limits not less than $1,000,000 combined single limit per occurrence (for injury, death, property damage or other occurrence)

  3. For contracts involving extensive use of vehicles (automobiles, trucks, or other vehicles) on or near the Fairgrounds, commercial automobile liability insurance, on an occurrence basis, with limits of not less than $1,000,000 combined single limit per occurrence (for injury, death, property damage or other occurrence)

  4. Any other insurance required by law or the State of California.


                                                                 You will not be permitted to set up without insurance.



Do I need a sellers permit?

Every seller is required to have a valid resale number in order to conduct business. We must have a copy of your CA seller permit on file before you set up your booth/exhibit. This may be obtained in person or by mail at any State Board of Equalization office. 


Do I need workers comp?


Yes. Every vendor shall maintain worker’s compensation insurance for all of its employees working at the Fair or on Fair property as required by California law, and file a certificate of said insurance with the Commercial Sales Department.

If you do not require or are exempt from carrying workers’ compensation insurance under California law, you must file a letter with proof of such exemption with the Commercial Sales Department as required above in place of the certificate of insurance, but you must obtain such insurance if the basis for its exemption subsequently is no longer applicable. For more information visit: California Department of Industrial Relations, Division of Workers Compensation or the State Fund Compensation Insurance Fund (SCIF).


Is there lodging nearby?

Yes, there are several hotels within a 20-30 minute drive


I have more questions. What do I do?

The best way to get answers to your questions is to email the event team at

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