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So-Cal Event Center

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Interested in the hall, please fill out application & email it to:

Thank You!

Rental Fee: $2,900

Damage Deposit:$750 (Refundable deposit)

Insurance:$120 CFSA


* Facility will be available for your use for 8 hours

(4pm to midnight or 5pm to 1am)

* Plus 2 hours for setup

(scheduled consecutively from event start time)

(Additional Time $150hr. + Security Fee /2hr.Minimum)

* Capacity-500
* 1 - Facility attendant
* 1 - Security Guard (2 when alcohol is served)
* Video Screen
* Projector
* PA system
* Tables (40 round and 10 banquet)
* 240 chairs
* Stage 16'x16'
* Table & chair setup (linens and decorating not

* Clean-up (no table clean-up during event)

**Prices, promotions, events, and availability are subject to change without prior notice.**

Alcohol or soft drinks, must be served by Family-A-Fair Bar Services please contact Martin at (951)579-0840

Family-A-Fair Catering (951) 830-3280


Please call our office at (951) 657-4221 for further information.


City Events


Company Events 


Quince & Sweet 16 Events

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